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  Cetacean Monitoring Systems


Cetacean monitoring

DeepC-PODC-PODChelonia produces passive acoustic monitoring instruments that detect toothed whales, dolphins and porpoises by identifying the trains of echo-location sounds they produce.

Design Aims

The C-POD design aims to achieve, at low cost:

  • Fast results from fully automated detection processes
  • Very low false positive rates
  • High sensitivity
  • Precise calibration
  • Long running times
  • Extreme robustness

To achieve these objectives the design is fully integrated from the mechanical engineering of the hardware through to the delivery of statistics-ready results from the software.

Deployment environments

C-PODs are in use in a wide range of environments, from the Arctic to the Amazon:

C-POD deployments worldwide

Full support

Email and telephone support is included with all instruments. You are welcome to contact us for help with any aspect of project planning or implementation.