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  Cetacean Monitoring Systems


Prices and Ordering


The items that comprise each package are described below. Individual items may be ordered separately.

C-POD and DeepC-POD







2 preformatted, removable memory cards


CPOD.exe data analysis software


User Guides


A spare set of O-rings


2 silica gel packs for each POD


Email support and advice from our technical team


Data quality check when you send us your data


Software upgrades


Repairs of faulty parts for 2 years (please see exclusions under Terms and Conditions)


Delivery postage and packing


Data analysis support

C-POD data from users has been invaluable in the development of the automated analysis. All users are free to send copies of C-POD data and we will, in return, provide brief free feedback on the quality and any local issues that we identify that you should be aware of.

Any software improvements we make will always be retrospectively applicable to all data sets and new versions of the C-POD software will be available free of charge, so that you can re-analyse your data if any improvement is relevant. Improvements go only into new encounter classifiers so that you can continue to use the same process over years. Your data is purely for internal use and we undertake not to disclose or identify your data in any way to others.


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